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The United States-based digital payment network, Zelle was introduced in the year 2017. Initially, it was known as clearXchange, offering payment services via member financial institutions and a website. Before it sold to Early Warning Services in January 2016, in its initial time, it was powered and operated by Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo. Just after the addition of Capital One and US Bank as additional partners, its powering authority was sold to Early Warning.

Zelle, a digital payment network allows users to transfer money from their bank account to other user’s bank account in the United States only through the means of a mobile device or through the involved banking institution website. It is basically a pathway to send money to someone through bank accounts in the United States via electronic means. 

In the year 2017, all the clearXchange accounts for a user to user payment services were renamed as Zelle and users had to start creating their profiles to continue using Zelle services. Zelle is owned by Early Warning Services, which are owned by the banks of Bank of America, BB&T, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo. 

Zelle’s Partners

The whole Zelle Network has over 100 participants that include the network partners – MasterCard and Visa, the processor partners – CO-OP Financial Services, FIS, Fiserv and Jack Henry & Associates, and numerous financial institutions.

How Zelle works?

If you want to know the complete working process of Zelle, delve into the below-given steps which are as follows:

Step-1 Access ZelleIf you’re looking for Zelle, visit the mobile banking app of our partners. If you have your banking app on your phone, there is no requirement of downloading it again. In case, your bank or credit union doesn’t provide Zelle services, you have to download the Zelle app and start the process.

b) Step-2 Pay to a person

Once you’re enrolled on the Zelle app, you just have to send money with Zelle and you require the trusted recipient’s email address and mobile number.

  1. c) Step-3 Select the amount you want to send

All you require is to enter the amount you would like to send. If your trusted recipient is already enrolled with Zelle, the money will directly be credited into their bank account, in a few minutes. If they are not enrolled yet, they will receive a notification mentioning the steps to receive the money instantly. 


Why sending money with Zelle is a safe option?

From splitting meals to pay your rent or helping your friends who are out on cash, Zelle sends millions every day safely. There are a few tips which need to keep in mind whether you newly enrolled on Zelle or have been an active user for a while :

  1. Send money to Trusted people

Money transfers indeed fast with Zelle with your bank account to another trusted person’s bank account in a few minutes. Therefore, it should be important for you to know that you are sending money to a trusted party.

There is no need to send money to someone you don’t know as you can’t cancel the payment once it is done and if the recipient is registered with Zelle. Also, if you send money to someone you don’t know, you might not get that money back. 

You also need to stay away from payment scams. One such instance is buying concert tickets from someone you don’t know and never get them. If someone asks you to buy the ticket via Zelle, you should go further if you know them. 

Zelle doesn’t provide a protection program for registered payments done through the service. Therefore if you have no clue what you paid for, you are advised to use another payment method with purchase protection, such as a credit card. Or, you can simply make no transactions. 

Pros and Cons of using Zelle


  • Money transferred to another recipient who is already enrolled with Zelle takes place in a few minutes. In case, if the recipient is not enrolled in Zelle, they also have to enroll before they receive money.
  • One of the biggest benefits of Zelle is instant and direct money transfers between different banks and credit unions. Also, Zelle transfers money directly into another person’s bank account, therefore, you don’t have to move it out of a third-party app.
  1. Drawbacks
  • Many peer-to-peer payment service apps allow users to connect their credit cards for payment, which are helpful if there are not enough funds in your bank account or app account. 
  • If Zelle is provided via your bank, you can simply use your bank’s login account to send money. Or else, you need a smartphone or tablet to send and receive money via the Zelle app or your bank’s app.
  • Zelle payment takes place with domestic banks only and not for International payments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Zelle

1. Are there any charges to send money via Zelle?

Zelle doesn’t charge any user to send or receive money. In order to be sure, an individual should confirm with his/her bank or credit union that there are no additional fees.

2. How to access Zelle to send or receive money without a mobile device?

If a user’s bank or credit union provides Zelle services, then they can use the bank’s site to send and receive money without the need of using a mobile device. If a user’s bank or credit union doesn’t offer Zelle services, then they must have a smartphone to use the Zelle app to send and receive money.

3. How long it takes to receive money with Zelle?

Money sent through Zelle is available to the recipient’s account in a few minutes. If it been three days and the money hasn’t been received, then it is recommended to update the complete profile with the correct email address and U.S. mobile number to the sender. 

4. What is the sending limit of Zelle?

If a user’s bank or credit union provides Zelle services, they need to get in touch directly in order to know more about their sending limits via Zelle. If a user’s bank or credit union doesn’t offer Zelle services, the weekly send limit is $500. And, a user can’t request to increase or decrease the send limit.  

5. What happens if the recipient to whom users send money is not enrolled with Zelle?

If the recipient a user sending money is not enrolled with Zelle, they will get an email or text notification about the money. And, they will be guided with a few steps to get enrolled. Once the profile has been enrolled, they will receive money directly into their bank account that is associated with their profile. If the recipient to whom you are sending money is not enrolled with Zelle profile in 14 days, the payment will be expired and the funds will be returned to the sender’s account. 

6. How to enrol in Zelle?

In order to use Zelle, both the parties- sender and recipient must be enrolled in Zelle via their bank account or the Zelle app. Its process is as simple as pie, at first, Zelle asks for basic information such as a phone number or email account. If you’re using Zelle via your bank account, your accounts will be linked. If you are using the Zelle app, you need to connect your debit card.

8. How to send, request, and receive money in Zelle?

You can send and receive money to or from Zelle just by entering the email address or phone number. You need to check with your bank account at a time how much you’re allowed to send at once. There are a few banks that have lower limits on sending to first-time recipients and then, escalate those limits once they turned into an established recipient. At the time of receiving money with Zelle, the funds appear in your account in a few minutes. 

Things to consider when using Zelle

Unable to make payment to International bank accounts

In order to proceed with payment from or to Zelle, both the parties – sender and recipient need to have US-based bank accounts to use Zelle.

No fraud protection program

If you are using Zelle, it’s your responsibility to protect your money as Zelle says that you consider Zelle services like cash- sending them whom you trust and make sure the recipient information is correct before sending money and stay away from scams. If you would like to send money to someone you don’t know, you might not get your money and in that case, you should make a payment with a credit card as it has built-in buyer protections.

Zelle requires a smartphone

If your bank or credit union provides Zelle services, then you can simply use a desktop or web browser to access your bank account and use Zelle. If it doesn’t offer, you have to use the Zelle app that requires a smartphone.

Can’t connect a credit card

Other digital payment services allow its users to link their credit cards and use them to pay with a 3% fee. Using a credit card is true might expensive but it’s also better if you don’t have much cash in your bank account.