The concept of Blockchain was introduced for bitcoin trading making it the first digital currency to eradicate double spending trouble without any involvement of trusted authority. The bitcoin design inspired other application as well and the result came out to be that Blockchain is readable by the public used for the exchanges. Incepted in the year 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, Blockchain was considered as the leading cryptocurrency platform across the globe. To end all errors and issues related to Blockchain, you can always call on Blockchain customer phone number which is functional all the time and users can contact the team anytime to attain solutions that are accessible and easy to execute.

Go through the factors that make Blockchain, one of the best exchange across the world:

a)   No involvement of third-party

Being the distributed ledger, Blockchain has its own cryptographic algorithms in the association among the nodes that participate in the network which eradicate the need for control of databases. And, intermediary control databases consumes a lot of efforts and require high costs for the third-party entities with the responsibility of storing and processing of user information.

b)   Unable to alter the transaction

The transactions done by the parties in the Blockchain ecosystem is irreversible and can’t be altered. Once the transaction receives a green signal from the parties and the nodes coming for the consent that the transaction is accurate, are automatically get recorded into a distributed ledger and can’t be reversed.

c)   No need in Clearinghouse

With the Blockchain, there is no need for the third party, just like the conventional process of the transaction. All the records are stored in a distributed ledger and refraining the problem of double-spending.

Well, there are some disadvantages as well. March through the disadvantages of Blockchain:

a)   Speed processing is slow

Blockchain system includes digital signatures assigned with every transaction on the basis of public-private cryptography scheme. The transaction in Blockchain is time-consuming as the process goes several times.

b)   Expensive

One can see, there is a wastage of time and power for repetitive operations to support and it makes the overall process a little expensive. Each node in the network performs the same operation that leads to the complete wastage of electricity and time.

We know, no technical application is free from technical glitches and Blockchain also comes in the same category. Users who are new or have less knowledge, get into an error while working on Blockchain and need guidance from experts who are skilled and have complete knowledge about the Industry.

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