The world’s major retail company, Walmart said that it is currently operating a pilot project through blockchain technology among the shrimp farmers in Andhra Pradesh, a state in India for assuring traceability. With the help of this technology, the retailers will be able to trace the shrimp that is being outsourced from the state to select Sam’s club locations in the US.

Walmart has been in partnering terms with IBM since 2017 on the topic of Blockchain technology to escalate  global food traceability. The present discussion of the project, the company is working closely with Andhra-based seafood processor Sandhya aqua and US-based supplier Stanley Pearlman Enterprises to do the addition of the shrimp supply chain to the blockchain-enabled IBM Food Trust.

The company also mentioned that the pilot project can be considered as the first familiar use of blockchain technology to trace shrimp exports from India to an International retailer. To deal with Blockchain issues and troubles, users can always contact the team anytime to avail wonderful results. The team is there to help users in every possible way and makes sure to delete all their queries in no time. Call on Blockchain Support Phone Number which is functional.

This step would definitely going to help seafood farmers in the region to boost the shrimp supply chain and build customer faith in the product, and create a position of India as a best source of seafood internationally, said by the company.

Andhra Pradesh: largest producer of Shrimp in the country

Shrimp is the largest agricultural export in India, with the portion of 46% of share goes to the US  out of its total shrimp exports. Among other Indian states, Andhra Pradesh is considered as the major producer of shrimp in the country.

Blockchain is in a pathway to digitise data and share information on a complicated supply chain network in a secure and trusted manner. With the introduction of blockchain in the shrimp supply chain, there could be improvement in the quality of information on the product for compliance purposes and for sharing with consumers.

Blockchain technology: future of India

With the help of this Pilot project, the company is working with other partners as well and leveraging the global strengths to give access to blockchain’s innovative technology that is going to be beneficial for local farmers and producers, and also going to help in transforming the food system and also provide a quality product that boosts customers and members, said by Paul Dyck, vice president of corporate affairs of Walmart.

Blockchain technology is making its way in every sector and soon will be seen working in countries like India. It is a whole new concept among Indians and it is assured that it is going to be the best. To avail more information about Blockchain technology, call on Blockchain Support number which is functional all the time. Users can talk to the team anytime to avail fruitful solutions immediately. Connect with the team to avail fruitful solutions and access them easily without any obstructions.