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Explore practical applications of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is surely making its imprints everywhere and in every Industry. Blockchain technology is ruling every sector and every country is now adopting its technology for their work. Recently, CoCa-Cola is the new name in its list. To deal with errors and...

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Changelly is in partnership with Jaxx wallet

The well-known and popular Cryptocurrency exchange, Changelly has recently announced its partnership with Jaxx wallet, which is considered as the prominent wallet in the crypto community.  The API of the exchange is going to be design into the application that...

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What are the pros and cons of Gemini exchange?

Gemini is considered as the next generation exchange and is the only US based exchange which is fully-licensed. The exchange allows individuals and institutional clients to buy, sell and store digital assets. The exchange was discovered in 2014 with the main aim to...

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