The team of Ledger has seen websites on search engines which are phishing one and scammers are looking for ways to target ledger users with tricky advertisements.

Everyone likes crypto and reason behind it is security and you have a full control of your money provided you need to have control on your private keys and should secure them. But, in case, you’re providing access to your private keys that includes phishing website , then chances are high your money can could be steal without any alarm.

Two phishing websites

Scammers are targeting users who type official website of Ledger wallet into the search bar. If you forget to add ‘m’ in, then, you will appear on This page further ha stwo suspicious websites. The first website includes , which is a paid advertisment. It seems scamers have apaid enough to be on the top listing page in search column. Also, the second website is and it might confuse you to the official website of Ledger wallet.

Users should know that is not the official website of Ledger and is a clone that is created to target Ledger users with same interface. Later on, the website askes you to enter the recovery seed which is a 12-phase or 24-word paraphrase which you have created for your Ledger wallet. If you add that recovery seed in the clone website of Ledger wallet, you might loose access to your money.

Call on ledger support number which is functional and users can talk to the team anytime for availing quality solutions.

Working of Scam

It seems sacmmers have invested enough time into making look exactly the same as the original website. The main purpose of this website is to direct users to the page: wallet. The page asks you to fill your 12-word, 18-word, or 24-word recovery seed. Also, escalates you to restore keys through this phrase. All you require is to enter your recovery speed. Later on, you will be asked to the number of words in the recovery speed and then, ask to continue.

Now, the scammers have deceived you and you no longer can have access to your private keys. Your money has been transferred to someone else’s wallets.

Scammer behind this master plan

The domain name got registered two weeks ago.The domain uses the nameservers and And, to create this domain, Russian domain registrar has been used suggesting that it is from Russia and all information about it is secure and protected. is the official website of Ledger

Make sure to check the official website before typing any information into a website. Avoid entering private keys or recovery phrase into a web form. In case, you have lost access to your funds in a wallet, then, you can use recovery seed to gain access to those funds. Talk to the Ledger experts related to errors on ledger helpline number which is functional all the time for users.