Binance app in the US makes online trading very easy. With the help of the following steps, you will get to know the means of crypto trading on our application and ways to review your trade once it’s done.

Steps to Perform a Trade on Binance

Learn in the below procedure how to use binance in the us.

Step 1. Firstly Log in to your binance account.

Step 2. Get to the Trade button, which is located at the top of the app.

Step 3. Now select from basic trade or advanced trade, if it’s your first trading then we recommend selecting basic trade.

Step 4. The above step will take you to the trading screen. where you will find all the coins statistics. The last price, the 24hrs change, the highs and the lows, everything will be shown on the screen.

Step 5. Let’s perform a trade. sell Btc for bnb at the current Bitcoin price. To do this, select bnb in the right-side panel. You can find BTC, by looking for it in the menu or through the search box.

Step 6. Now, select BNB/BTC. When you will select the trading page will be displayed on the screen. This page which is displayed will help you with the relevant market data.

Step 7. To perform a trade, move down to the following sections.
A. limit, Market, and Stop-loss trading.
B. Buy Coin.
C. Sell Coin.
D. The transaction fee: Taker / Maker.

Step 8. As we are selling BTC, we have to use the Sell Coin section for a limit order. Now enter the specific amount of BTC you want to sell. If you like to sell a particular percentage of BTC you have, you can also do that by selecting the percentage. Next time you can also try a market order.

Step 9. To get ahead with the trade, touch the button that says “Sell BTC.”

Step 10. There will be a pop up when you click sell, This dialog box will briefly display in the right corner until you confirm your order.

Step 11. Now to view your confirmed sell order, scroll down to the tab of Open Orders. In this tab, you will be able to see the open Limit Sell Order until it is executed; other open orders which have not yet been executed will exist here. you will also Be able to access the data on open orders, or the ability to cancel your orders.

Step 12. Now Wait for the coin to reach the limit and your open order to get completed. Once it reaches the limit your coin will automatically get sold, and then you have successfully finished your trade! Now this will be displayed under the tab My 24hr Order History, which you can find at the end of the screen.

Step 13. Bravo! You have successfully finished your Binance.US trade.

Features of Binance.US you Should know About.

Cryptocurrencies Available to Trade:

The binance app in the US region allows the transaction in more than 50 crypto coins, inclusive of Btc, Eth, Btc Cash, Ltc, Chainlink, Dogecoin and many other famous digital coins.

The Crypto Trading Costs and Transaction Fees:

The app binance.US for the US region applies a flat 0.1% on the spot trading fee, which is lower than the other U.S. trading platforms inclusive the etorro which charges about 0.75% for the Bitcoin and the coinbase which levies 0.5% trading fees and a flat fee of up to $2.99 on a trade which depends on the trade total amount. For the traders in a quick move, Binance.US offers a 0.5% quick Buy/Sell fee.

The Binance in us charges an extra 4.5% for transfers from a debit card (unlike its global brokerage, the Binance.US doesn’t accept credit cards).

There are no fees on cash deposits and withdrawals for ACH bank transfers, while bank wired transfers charges are $15 per transaction. The cryptocurrency withdrawal fees differ from coin to coin the withdrawals of Bitcoin are charged 0.0005% and the minimum withdrawal limit is 0.001 bitcoin.

The Crypto-to-Crypto Trading:

The largest cryptocurrency trading platform binance.US in us region is currently offering more than 50 cryptos coin-to-crypto coin trading included Bitcoin and other eight digital coins: (ADA), (BCH), (BNB), (ETH), (LINK), (LTC), (UNI), (VET) and (XTZ).

Many more cryptocurrencies are available to be traded for stablecoins like Tether and Binance USD, the Binance’s stablecoin ($1 BUSD is equalled USD 1).

The Peer-to-Peer (p2p Trading:

The binance.US’s OTC platform allows its users for trading directly in between buyers and sellers. There are no transaction fees levied on it, but the users are charged the spread in between the buy and sell price. The minimum trading amount is equivalent to $10,000.

The Binance US Platform:

The Binance.US uses the same technology used in the global platform, and offers the same three different trading platforms: Basic, Advanced and OTC for peer-to-peer trading.

Binance.US advises its new users for starting from the basic trading option, this will even help the experienced users to get the info they require like as the spot price or the 24-hour performance of the coin and its trading volume.

Now For the newly crypto geniuses, the basic platform may also be like too much firepower to take. But If you are interested in just buying some BTC you just need to perform the exchange and purchase directly from the site.

Once you get your account verified, then you can easily enter the number of BTC or U.S. dollars you want to spend. The exchange has a minimum trading limit of $10.

Is Binance.US Right for You?

Binance.US allows a wide variety of cryptocurrencies with the trading fee which is almost the lowest of the crypto exchanges fees according to the NerdWallet reviews.

This U.S. site has almost the same trading UI as its most popular global site worldwide, which makes it the right choice for you except for some cons discussed above.


1. How to Short on Binance?
Shorting computerized monetary standards is a phenomenal strategy to acquire cash when the market is red. You can short Bitcoin and other computerized monetary standards on Binance and get cash as cryptographic types of cash fall.
2. How to Stake on Binance?
You should seriously think about Staking as a less resource heightened choice rather than mining. It remembers holding resources for a computerized cash wallet to help the security and exercises of a blockchain network. Learn with us How to stake on Binance.

The best technique to stake on Binance. Figuratively speaking, you could consider holding your coins on Binance adding them to a Staking pool.

In any case, there are no costs, and you can in like manner participate in the wide scope of different benefits that holding your coins on Binance brings. You can look at the as of late passed on prizes for a given coin under the Historical Yield tab on each adventure’s Staking page.

3. How to Exchange on Binance US?

Binance.US makes exchanging simple. With this aide, you will figure out how to exchange on Binance our foundation and how you can survey your exchanges once you have.

Figure out how to exchange underneath steps:
• Log in to your account.
• Hover over Trade, which you will discover at the highest point of the screen.
• Click either Basic or Advanced to see all of the current market subtleties. In case this is your first time exchanging, we suggest picking Basic.
• Now, how about we sell BNB for BTC at the current Bitcoin cost. To do this, select BTC on the right board. To discover BNB, you may either search for it in the menu or enter BNB into the pursuit box.
• Next, click BNB/BTC.
• To push ahead with the exchange, click the bar that says “Sell BNB.”
• This spring up will momentarily show in the upper right-hand corner, affirming your exchange.
• To see your cutoff sell request, look down to the Open Orders segment.
• Wait for your open request to finish.
• That’s it! You have finished your Binance.US exchange.

4. Would I be Able to Purchase xrp on Binance?
Binance is the best specialist in crypto. Monetary patrons are showing a particular interest in buying Xrp on Binance.

Monetary patrons have vulnerability ‘ Can I purchase xrp on Binance’s. For sure, you can directly purchase Xrp with Visa on Binance. Get to know the method of how to buy xrp on binance.

There is a particular procedure to buy on Binance.
1. Buy XRP with bank move
2. Trade XRP
3. Buy XRP with Visa
These all are the courses through which you can buy Xrp on binance.

5. Does Binance Acknowledge Visas?
Binance maintains the store of more than 150 advanced monetary standards, a couple of which you can exchange for Bitcoin at the most awesome rates keeping watch. The request arises among financial backers Does binance acknowledge Mastercards.

For sure, you can directly purchase Bitcoin with a charge card on Binance. We offer the best course to buy Bitcoin using a look at a card or Visa or Mastercard.

With Binance Buy and Sell, you benefit from fast trades, low charges, and a protected stage, especially for those with affirmed accounts on Binance. On Binance Buy and Sell, you can pick how to buy Bitcoin with Mastercard or take a look at a card.