Gemini, the new York-based exchange was discovered in the year 2015 by the Winklevoss brothers. It is presently a trust company that is monitored by the New York Department of Financial Services. It is the world’s licensed Ether exchange and considered as the most secure platform of investment among institutional investors. Presently, the exchange runs its services across seven countries including Australia, South Korea, US, Singapore, etc.  It holds maximum trading in coins like bitcoin and ether and also known as Bitcoin and Ether based exchange among investors. There is no fees for withdrawals and deposits of coins on this platform.

Gemini additional security feature makes it best in the business

Gemini holds only a minimal percentage of Bitcoin online and maximum of it is offline in order to eradicate the threat of online hackers. Additional security measure is the biggest asset of Gemini which is loved by the users. Accounts pertaining to US dollars Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insured and a chartered bank based in New York keeps all the funds tight and secure in the high tech security.

User-friendly interface – An easy interface which is simple and can be easily understand is what all need. And Gemini provides just that. The interface is very user friendly and even a beginner can use it without any hassle. The design is simple and there is no sort of complexity which makes it easy for new users to understand it. Also, the advanced users will find it amazing. Contact the team via Gemini support number to avail solutions related to your queries.

Low fees structure of Gemini

Low fees is the USP of Gemini and it is what attracts so many users. It charges fairly low. Cryptocurrency, bank and wire deposits are absolutely free of cost. It also does not charge a single penny for wire deposits or withdrawals anywhere in the world when trading in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Deposition of USD into Gemini account also doesn’t incur any cost. On top of it all, first 30 transactions made each month are also free.

Gemini – the leading exchange in terms of security

Gemini is regarded as one of the most secure exchanges around the world as it is not only secured by the Bank secretary Act (BAC) but also anti money laundering rules. Gemini accounts are also secured by the 2fa which provides an extra layer of protection to the account.

Gemini has a very strong reputation in the market and enjoys the support of two very reliable investors. All these factors have made it a very strong competitor in the market today. The trust that it has managed to win during its period of existence in mind boggling and Gemini has moved from strength to strength since its inception.

Gemini has a strong hold over its users and that’s because of the services that it bestows over it customers. Their customer service is also very impeccable and one can always expect a pro-active approach from their customer care department. For availing more information about Gemini, call on Gemini helpline number for guidance and support.