In the beginning of September, Gemini, the leading exchange announced about the listing of numerous new digital assets on its security-driven platform. As promised by the exchange, it has loaded those digital assets and are available on the platform but result seems different as the community is disappointed by this decision. The exchange made an announcement about it on Twitter on September 25, 2019.

The company tweeted that the exchange is proud and all ready to expand its list of digital assets. And, its custody presently supports 18 digital assets and continues. The list includes Bitcoin , Ethereum, Litecoin Bitcoin Cash , Zcash ,Basic Attention Token , Dai ,Maker , Augur , Bread , Decentraland , Enjin , 0x , Flexacoin , Gemini dollar , Kyber Network’s token , Loom Network’s token , OmiseGo.

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Twitter doesn’t seem happy with this decision

The crypto community on Twitter is not liking this decision and surely has an issue with the new coins. In response to the tweet twitted by the exchange, people asked XRP, ERX, and Matic. People are asking the reason behind not adding these coins in the list.  In fact, one of users why the exchange is not including Ethereum classic and he also mentioned that at present, ETC is the leading crypto in the US and advised the exchange to add Ethereum on the platform.

Other news about the exchange, Guardawallet is asking crypto investors to purchase the Gemini Dollar instead of buying other cryptocurrencies. This announcement was made on twitter , asking users to exchange their crypto coins for $GUSD. This is being asked to volatile nature of the crypto industry.

The exchange mentioned in tweet that, having volatility depicts that the time for stablecoins is there. Exchange other currencies with Gemini GUSD. For information, stablecoins are considered as the digital currencies  with aim to lessen the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies  and such assets includes  oil, fiat, precious metals, other crypto usually back it.

Gemini dollar was incepted in 2018

Gemini dollar was created by the Winklevoss brothers in 2018 and recently, the Bitcoin Billionaire Brothers are keen in partnering with Facebook on its latest project, called Libra stablecoin project as they think that this project is going to take crypto level to the next level. Previously in the past, Gemini brothers accused the CEO of Facebook, for stealing their idea. For users of Gemini, if you come across error while using the exchange, you can contact the team of experts to take advice from them. Call on Gemini phone number which is functional all the time.