Recently Bitcoin was tagged as a haven by Pomp – Morgan Creek Digital’s Anthony Pompliano while discussing over the same. Though the majority of the people agree with what Pomp said and agreed to the fact that the world’s largest Cryptocurrency is absolutely a safe haven but others simply didn’t agree with this.

In the recent episode of Pompliano’s Off the Chain podcast, a security engineer at Gemini was interviewed by Pomp. The whole episode was surrounded by common security issues and a three-layer solution related to the same. Arvanaghi mentioned the using same password for the several websites is the sole reason behind the most of security breaches. He also added that to deal with such issues and security violations through passwords, password managers can play a vital role. To avail more information about Gemini, you can always contact the team via Gemini helpdesk number which is functional and users can reach on this number anytime and speak to the team related to issues. Whatever your issue is, all you have to do is contact them and avail solutions that are easy to operate and one can access verified solutions and avail stepwise guidance from the team of experts who is available all the time for fruitful results.

Later on, the Security Engineer of Gemini talked about two-factor authentication and how it can be a threat regarding the security of users.  Two-factor authentication through text demands to enter the code which they get from the exchange. The main issue arises when they ask to share the phone number as considering phone numbers is a capricious idea.

He showed his concern and said that using a phone number for authentication purposes is not a great idea as hackers can easily take access to the account through phone number and not the password. With a phone number, hackers can easily recover an account. Also, users should avoid two-factor authentication through text through the means of authenticator apps as generated codes are sent on a physical device, not on the phone number.

He further warns users that SIM swap actually helps hackers to access phone number of anyone, focusing on the $24 million lawsuits against AT&T for the same issue. To come to the conclusion, he mentioned that to secure your crypto accounts and other platforms as well, are through the means of security keys. These keys are Yubikey that provides physical access to the various accounts of the user. He added that the Security keys would be the big thing for the safety of your account and would be available everywhere in short-duration. To deal with Gemini issues ranging from password issues, login issues to signup issues, you can always call on Gemini helpline number which is functional all the time for guidance. The team is always there to support you and you can contact them anytime to avail solutions and remedies. Feel free to talk to them and avail solutions that are easy to apply and resolve your queries.