The world’s largest Social Media Giant Facebook has hired two most experienced compliance experts of Coinbase as Facebook is ready for a token launch.  One of them is Mikheil Moucharrafie who looked for compliance issues for over four years at Coinbase and presently, is recruited as a Compliance4 Officer at Facebook. The other expert who is hired by the Facebook is Jeff Cartwright who been in Coinbase for four years, along with that, he also worked at American Express, KPMG, and Goldman Sachs. he is recruited as “Policy and Compliance Manager at Facebook.”

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Having Financial compliance can be considered as a stumbling block for the token of Facebook if it is planning for this, but the hiring of the compliance experts who are enriched with Finance and technology legislation knowledge would surely be able to handle legal issues in the US of the social media giant.

The company is also planning to add experienced Fintech along with online payments and highly-knowledgeable cryptocurrency experts to expand its blockchain team. As per the information, many of the new hirings are former PayPal staff which includes its CEO, Peter Thiel.

Thiel who is now a board member at Facebook spoke about the payment system that permits users to keep and store money online without any means of the convention methods such as fiats.

Also, the company is also gearing up on cryptocurrency ads, as per the news from the leading American journalists Facebook is in talking terms with Visa and MasterCard about its new tokens. Facebook might launch the token in the coming next quarter.

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