Blockchain technology is surely making its imprints everywhere and in every Industry. Blockchain technology is ruling every sector and every country is now adopting its technology for their work. Recently, CoCa-Cola is the new name in its list. To deal with errors and trouble related to Blockchain technology, call on Blockchain support number for assistance. Here, we have come up with few practical applications of Blockchain Technology:

  1. Financial Services

In the recent time, the numbers that have come up shows that the asset management Industry could cut cost about $2.7 billion every year by shifting to blockchain technology. Its practical service includes client screening and onboarding, recordkeeping, data privacy and security, and trade processing. Also, the Insurance Industry is weighed down with numerous errors and costly mistakes. The FBI predicted that over $40 billion a year is lost because of fraud activities that are taking place in non-health insurance industries. For instance, RiskBlock, a proof-of-insurance product that help insures to save time and money through automated process, and it helps insured individuals validate their insurance that claims securely and quickly.

  • Smart Contracts

Blockchain and smart contract technologies function really work where there is an involvement of legal contracts which are required to maintain ownership rights and data privacy laws.  Contracts enriched with customizable and self-executing on the blockchain can be easily operated by all parties. To navigate these errors, this technology offers an unalterable, traceable, real-time distribution and reporting network for all involved.  Issues like ownership rights and royalties are a few ones that exist in the entertainment industry. For instance – Ujomusic is the application that helps artists to track their royalties worldwide.

  • Digital IDs

As per the World Bank, there are over 1.1 billion people worldwide who have no means to prove their identity. At the same time, popular companies and financial institutions in both traditional and digital markets that are required to follow more inflexible know-your-customers (KYC) initiatives.  Despite this, most of the providers are still unable to meet these standards, in order to complicate things that regulations were widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For instance like IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco are shifting to the blockchain to securely and private verify users.

  • Blockchain Internet of Things (IoT)

Gartner also predicted that over 20.4 billion IoT-connected devices is going to be active at the end of 2020 that allows showing the IoT market is going to reach $3 trillion annually by 2026. For instance, helium uses a decentralized machine network to ease connecting to the internet via a Blockchain, wireless network, and open-source software.

  • Blockchain –enabled Future

This technology aims to be the next tidal wave of innovation. As blockchain adoption is expanding, it has become a driving force for promoting equitable societies, resolving economic errors and transforming how we live and work every day.

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