Binance the leading platform across the globe as per 24-hr daily trading volume is accessed by millions of users in the crypto space. Binance always is in the limelight for its new introduction and discoveries.  There’s been no news in the town related to the upcoming bitcoin futures offerings.

Bitcoin future offerings of the Binance exchange have received criticism just exactly before its releasing date during the pre-release tester identification that has many and major flaws in it.  Yesterday on September 6, 2019, in a series of tweets, there is an account known as doublejump mentioned that both available options are presently under consideration by Binance lacked basic features, which is the most important thing for its accessible working.

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It was already mentioned that Binance has come up with the two separate versions of its upcoming future trading platform for testing by users and have planned to reward the one who tests it correctly.  Among two versions, one is Platform A which came directly from the exchange’s own development team and on the other hand, platform B came out of the exchange JEX, recently bought by the Binance exchange.

But as per the observation of the double jump, none of the platforms are fit and accessible to work. Later on, they came up with a clarification that in the Platform A, it is unusable due to its size but do support accessible interface and decent specifications and on the other hand, Platform B is not properly documented and has a leverage system, this was the summary of both the platforms given the double jump.

Besides it, there are other doubts which focus on Binance’s choice of reference for Bitcoin (BTC) exchange rates. Double jump also noted on the sources that include HitBTC and on the other hand, other includes Huobi, Bittrex, and Binance itself. It doesn’t know when the platform of the future is going to launch and the competition bar is going to soar up with this month as the launch of Bakkt’s physical traded features. In this week only, Binance has seen itself in hot water just after the emerging of its futures credentials which were copied from an existing offering driven from giant BitMEX. If you want to deal with Binance issues and problems, you can always contact the team of skilled workers who is always ready to guide you. You can knock the team who is always ready to guide you. All you have to do is to call on Binance helpline number which is all the time functional and users can talk to the team anytime for fruitful results. Connect with the team and avail solutions that are easy to execute and you can remember them for a long run without any issue as the experts provide stepwise assistance and make it easy for users to remember the results for a longer period.