The well-known and popular Cryptocurrency exchange, Changelly has recently announced its partnership with Jaxx wallet, which is considered as the prominent wallet in the crypto community.  The API of the exchange is going to be design into the application that allows frictionless conversions between different cryptocurrencies available in Jaxx wallet.

Introduction of Jaxx Wallet

It is a multi-asset, cross-platform wallet which is designed to store, manage or send/receive over 13 cryptocurrencies that include bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH and Zcash. The most interesting feature of this wallet is to permit users to switch between currencies through built-in exchange. Any user has the ability to convert one Cryptocurrency to another right in the Jaxx application. The company is also planning to add over 30 new coins soon that includes  Monero, XEM, Syscoin, Navcoin, Decred, Lisk, and various Ethereum-based tokens, with an aim to be a solution  for blockchain asset management on the market.

Whenever you feel any error while operating jaxx wallet, you can have conversation with the team. To reach the team, you can dial Jaxx helpline number which is always functional and users can talk to the team anytime for availing fruitful results in nick of time. Speak to the team anytime to get results that are easy to execute and helps in fixing troubles.

Time to enhance exchange with Changelly

Changelly exchange works over 50 cryptocurrencies and most of the coins supported on this exchange are either supported by Jaxx or going to be in near future. The exchange also serves instant conversions in the market with a low fee of 0.5%. The API of exchange is directly integrated into user-friendly interface of Jaxx. The advantages of Changelly is that it possess no restrictions on the amount you want to exchange on time- allowing users to specify up to 200BTC to exchange and convert in a few clicks. Trading takes place on Poloniex or Bittrex order books, Changelly’s exchange partners.

Relation between Changelly and Jaxx

The relation between wallet and exchange aims at bringing cryptocurrencies to mainstream audience. The CEO of Changelly, Konstantin Gladych is convinced that having Changelly onboard, Jaxx is going to increase exchange volume and get additional revenue. Also, the CEO of Jaxx, Anthony Di Iorio said that the company is going to add new token and coin pairs with Changelly to enable trading with Jaxx. Giving users access to keep money off exchanges; we give people control of their financial lives.

Companies like Jaxx, Changelly vision is to lower entry obstructions for new users investing in Cryptocurrency. Other projects who are looking to collaborate, Changelly caters instant exchange API, customizable payment widgets and buttons to change numerous coins without using the external website. Changelly partners are Coinmarketcap, Payza, Coinpayments, Freewallet, Official NEM/XEM wallet, ShakePay virtual card, Uquid debit card and more integrations are ongoing. To know more about jaxx wallet, you can always call on Jaxx support number which is functional all the time. Users can talk to the team anytime for availing fruitful results.