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Created in the year 2017, Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency which is an important part of a fork of bitcoin. In the year 2018, Bitcoin cash got segregated into two further cryptocurrencies known as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. At some cases, it is also referred to as Bcash. Talking about its size, it has soared the block size limit up to 8 MB to make transactions faster without making fees expensive for users. It is a face both for the payment system and also, of its native cryptocurrency.

Many of crypto users know from where the Bitcoin Cash emerged. The outcome of a long debate over the Bitcoin core’s scalability problem.  Blocks are capable of taking a maximum of 1 MB of transaction data on the Bitcoin blockchain. Initially, the limit was set to avoid attacks which occur because of immense transactions that lead to weakening the network.


History of Bitcoin Cash

Before August 1st, 2017, Bitcoin owners were initially considered as Bitcoin Cash owners for preventing double expenses- the Bitcoin cash transaction started using a new algorithm of signature hashing, which was invalid in the network history of the bitcoin Legacy.  It helps in preventing recurrence transactions of Bitcoin Cash in the Bitcoin blockchain and vice versa.

  • The Bitcoin authors say that Bitcoin Cash doesn’t consist of a unified team of developers, instead, it consists of numerous independent groups. This kind of decentralization leads to supplementary protection degree. Bitcoin Cash aims to meet the original promise of Bitcoin as Peer-to-Peer Electronic cash by proffering fewer fees, instant transactions, and reliable confirmations.
  • Bitcoin cash has received acceptance by numerous digital currency exchanges. The major and popular exchanges like Bitfinex, CEX.IO, ShapeShift, etc. takes the Bitcoin cash name and the BCH ticker symbol for the cryptocurrency. In the beginning stage, Bitstamp and Bitfinex took the name Bcash, but after receiving criticism, they came back to the original Bitcoin Cash name.
  • Huobi, one of the leading exchanges took the name Bitcoin Cash and the BCC ticker symbol. Bitcoin Cash is the big project with gargantuan goals and ambitions to push a little bit original bitcoin from the first place.

Check out the disadvantages of Bitcoin Cash :

  • The first and foremost disadvantage of it is the mechanical modification of the network’s computing intricacy. It is directly proportional to the extraction speed of new data. It means that if for a specific time miners receive an insufficient number of blocks that means it leads to decrease in its involvedness and this structure works in both the directions.
  • Moreover, Miners started using this susceptibility and got BCH in complexity recession and the time whole scenario changed, it came back to its original BTC. And, such reactions lead to the destabilization of the network and also escalated the volatility of the BCH rate. For the record, this issue is not with any solution till this time, but somehow the development team manages to put away it.
  • Many of the cryptocurrency investors don’t take Bitcoin cash a long-term investment and a coin which can sustain for the maximum period. However, they consider this coin as a hypothetical tool.


What is hard fork Bitcoin Cash?

  • It took place on November 15, 2018. Just after this event, the network got two mismatched consenus protocols BCHABC and BCHSV. The whole community of coin was segregated into two parts – one was the Roger Ver and the other one was Craig Wright. The outburst is considered as Bitcoin ABC update that began supporting smart contracts and atomic swaps.
  • In order to respond to it, Craig Wright delivered his vision to the community for the future development of this project. He increases the block size up to 128 MB. And, this step was not accepted by Roger Ver and lead to the formation of another coin in the cryptocurrency world.
  • After a hard fork, most of the investors got the same amount of coins of the new network which complies with the BCH balance, users have it in their account.