Binance is the leading exchange across the world provides trading services to users who would like to step in the crypto world.  As per the latest news, Binance is planning to reimburse the white hat hacker who managed to compromise Binance Jersey’s Internet domain and Twitter account. On August 16, 2019, the Binance Jersey a product of the Binance exchange announced that a white hacker managed to get access to the official twitter account of BinanceJE and also, the platform’s Internet domain name. And, the company was able to handle the whole situation including domain name in a few minutes and later on, twitter handle within some hours.

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As per the announcement, the hacker obtained access to the account by social engineering the email domain name service provider and then, later on, posted a few tweets from the official account of Binance Jersey and deleted it. Also, the hacker was cooperative and responded well with the exchange’s security team which allowed for the instant recovery of the Twitter account.

The firm told that they were able to restore access to the domain name within a few minutes and after that, within a few hours, twitter handle was recovered. They further added that they are going to issue a security bug to the white hacker and will surely investigate the whole incident with our service provider. And, not forget to mention about funds as there was no attempt of stealing the funds and all funds are safe on Binance JE.

Also, in the other tweets from another account, it was mentioned that the Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao wanted to contact them personally and during the press time, all the tweets were deleted from the official Twitter account of Binance Jersey. As told by the sources, the native token of Binance exchange was increased by 11% despite the rumors about the Know Your Customer data leak.

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