The good news that has been making rounds is that the daily 24-hour trading volume of the leading cryptocurrency has been exceeded to $150 million in Tether (USDT). Previously, Binance holds the record of the leading exchange as per the daily 24-hour trading volume.

The news came on September10, 2019, when a Reddit user announced its finding on Binance’s future markets recital. The past 24 hour data was observed of trading, the figures escalated in the bitcoin (BTC)/USDT pairing, taking to the daily trading volume to over $151 million in USDT.

Binance’s two futures test net platforms

 It was news that Binance is going to launch two futures testnet platforms named Futures A and Futures B on September 2, to invite users worldwide to be a participant in a 10,000 Binance Coin (BNB) trading competition. At the time of this competition, Binance mentioned that it would invite all participants with 100,000 USDT tokens in funds on both the platforms for the purpose of trading. Call on Binance Customer Support Phone Number whenever you are in trouble and get verified solutions from the professionals in a nick of time. Just after the launch of both the platforms, the Seychelles-registered crypto exchange BitMEX team accuse Binance of plagiarizing its documents as a part of its futures testnet launch. Also, BitMEX came with screenshots of the Binance’s blueprint of the Auto Deleveraging system for its new futures contracts, where the text was similar to that of BitMEX.

Binance receives criticism on Twitter

Recently, the previous week, Binance received criticism as the Twitter account holder named double jump talked about both the options of Binance are lacked vital features. It was cited that Platform A lacks in unusability due to its contract size granularity but does contain friendly interface and accessible specifications and on the other hand, Platform B is not well-prepared with documents and has unmanageable power system. 

In response to the doublejump statement, one of the spokesperson of Binance told Coin telegraph that the smallest contract size granularity is 0.001 and double jump thought it is 1BTC , He further added that – Platform A allows transactions below 1BTC but the web UI has validation issues due to the error with European localized system that works without using period to separate decimals. 

As per the recent announcement made by the exchange, Binance US is hoping to be launch in the coming weeks.

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