The leading exchange across the world for daily trading volume, Blockchain always surprises its users with its new features and updates. Blockchain was discovered in the year 2018 and initially it was china-based but after the ban of crypto in China, the company had to shift its place. This time Blockchain has come up with newest research and as per the research, the exchange supports the theory that because of introduction of institutional trading platform called Bakkt, drop could be seen in Bitcoin by 20%.

In the latest edition over its market overview, Blockchain research, the company talked about Bakkt as its main event which took place prior to the slip in Bitcoin price last week.

Bakkt : reason behind Bitcoin’s fall

As per reported by Cointelegraph, bakkt introduced its bitcoin features to massive users on September 23 and after three days, the price of BTC/USD fell from $10,000 to $8,000 and low.Critics were highly underwhelmed by this offering that witnessed less trading activity inspite of executives talking and promising to open up the Bitcoin markets. To deal with all kind of troubles and problems, you can always contact the team anytime to avail fruitful solutions who are easy to execute and whenever users need helping hand, the team is always there to support you. Call on Blockchain phone number which is functional all the time for help and support. Talk to the team and avail solutions to rectify your problems in no time.

Blockchain report

 If Blockchain report to be summarized, it would be : bakkt initially was hyped by numerous crypto-critics as a supplementary primary channel to together Giant institutional flows into crypto currency and digital asset markets. There are chances that same would happen in the future, told by the CME futures inactive beginning and later on, it pick up volumes. It was for short-time, with the start disappointing, Bakkt seems to have been participant in the recent price decline of bitcoin.

JPMorgan talks about risk factors

The prediction form on same finding from sources which are from outside of the crypto industry. Previous week, JP Morgan was not seem impressed but volumes should not be the factor to blame. There was a report given by Bloomberg on September 27, stated:

It might be possible that the listing of physical settled futures contracts has been the contributing factor behind the recent price declines rather than blaming on low initial volumes.  For customers of Blockchain, if you are dealing with technical errors and glitches, thinking of getting a help to fix all mess, feel free to speak to the team of skilled professionals who are active on Blockchain support number which is functional all the time for assistance.

In an sarcastic twist, bakkt agreed to this statement of appraisals of its market impact. On the social media platform, the company talked about the bitcoin price decline as ‘price discovery reciting before our eyes,’  Before all this, COO Adam White told the media that Bakkt thought its futures would support price discovery long-term.