It is not hidden news that South Korea has numerous blockchain projects and also, a perfect place for the trading of Cryptocurrency. More than quarter of technology companies are part of the blockchain development and have actually generated revenues and sales as per the blockchain initiatives which is less than the success rate of new investments in other technologies and solutions.

AS per the Survey conducted in 2018 by the Policy & Research Institute, connected with the country’s National IT Industry Promotion Agency, which is a government-funded organization. This document was published in December 2018 but released on August 26, after a few months. The report also says that only 22.2% of blockchain has sales mentioning the keen interest in the market has not led to sales results. To deal with Blockchain issues, you can always contact the team of skilled executives via calling on Blockchain support number which is functional all the time for guidance. You can always connect with the team to get solutions that are easy to execute.

It is also revealed that by the end of the year 2018, the blockchain topic is yet to become visible. There was a huge interest of the Government and was a thumbs up to blockchain happened after many announcements and MOUs was signed. Out of 198 investment projects, only 44 were able to achieve sales with their newly developed offerings.  It also came into the picture that out of 198 companies, 141 companies in the blockchain category are from IT services. But out of 141, only 16 were able to achieve sales in 2018 by 11.4%. Six in the internet software category witnessed sales and other 22 out of 50 IT services companies were booked business.

On the other hand, the result of the blockchain was worst so far. In comparison, around 60.2% of companies in cloud computing achieved sakes because of their new software and services in 2018. Also, companies who were involved in big data, their ration was 56.9% but on the other hand, who are pursuing developments in IoT, the success rate was 67.1 percent. For AI-related companies, it was around 50.0 percent. And, who have involvement in virtual reality and another related field, new software sales was consist of 68.1 % of them. The report also mentioned that the blockchain was not an integral part of the new technology development. The companies having 43.5 % involvement in cloud computing and around 27.9% includes in big date and 25% in IoT. The total leads to over 100% as multiple answers were allowed for companies involved in over one line of business. For availing more information about Blockchain technology, you can always call on Blockchain helpline number which is functional all the time. The team is there to help you with queries and makes sure to provide solutions that are easy to execute. Always connect to the team to get the desired solutions from the team in no time. Whenever you are in doubt, always contact the team anytime.