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A Cryptocurrency Wallet is a well protected digital wallet that is generally used in order to store, receive, or send digital currency like Bitcoin. In fact, most of the coins have an official wallet.

For utilizing the Cryptocurrency in the correct, all you require to know the exact process of using the Cryptocurrency wallet. Actually, most of the wallets are developed for a single cryptocurrency, and some can be utilized for more than a coin, some wallets users can handle themselves and some (like those located on exchanges) will be custodial. Well, there are different types of wallets to select from. 

In the below section, we explain what is a Crypto wallet, how it works, talk about the different types of wallets, and provide proper guidance on which wallets to use in which situations.

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Crypto-Wallet: What And How?

While talking about the usage of a crypto wallet, the function may vary as per different applications you may use but the aim always remains the same.  As we know crypto wallet mainly helps in to secure the crypto currencies associated with the user account. Now a different type of crypto currency wallet can be used to spend or transact the cryptocurrency associated with a user account. 


crypto-wallet_Support Number

For utilizing the Cryptocurrency in the correct, all you require to know the exact process of using the Cryptocurrency wallet. Actually, most of the wallets are developed for a single cryptocurrency, and some can be utilized for more than a coin, some wallets users can handle themselves and some (like those located on exchanges) will be custodial. Well, there are different types of wallets to select from. 

In the below section, we explain what is a Crypto wallet, how it works, talk about the different types of wallets, and provide proper guidance on which wallets to use in which situations.

For getting more information regarding the Crypto Currencies, all you can take help from the Crypto currency Customer support helpdesk.

Now, the next thing that might come in our mind is what is a “Public-address” associated with these crypto-wallets. Generally, “Public-address” is defined by

the user account or account numbers that are getting used in order to send or receive a specific type of crypto-currency such as bitcoin. Each address may handle number of transactions associated with that account. Now, while talking about money, we all know that users across the globe will always try to use the best option as security and reliability are two primary things they will be looking for. Ether Wallet or Ethereum Wallet is one of the best in the business if we are talking about crypto transactions. Ether wallet or  Ethereum wallet is a free client oriented interface on an online platform that helps you to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. This is basically an open source platform that helps you to generate different wallets and also in interacting with smart contracts and so much more

The next thing that we need to know is an Ethereum  Wallet. So, what is an Ethereum wallet? What makes it different from the other applications running in the market? There are some extra and beneficial advantages that an Ethereum wallet may provide that others can’t. First, the user may create new kinds of money digital assets whereas other wallets may only be used to transact or to spend in somewhere. Secondly, Ethereum apps mainly run as a web application which is uncensorable and unstoppable. 

Last but not the least, users may decentralize organizations, property, or virtual worlds that are governed collectively. Ethereum mainly relies on the blockchain of program logic and storage as a backend instead of using any centralized database or server. As a result, it leads to unstoppable applications to itself. So, anyone can copy the frontend and freely connect it to an Ethereum network.

Top Crypto currencies

While talking about different types of different crypto-wallets, we should also know about some of the top crypto currencies running across the globe.

Bitcoin-cryptowallet support

Bitcoin or BTC – $128bn

Bitcoin Cash or BCH-cryptowalletsupport

Bitcoin Cash or BCH – $4.1bn

Binance Coin (BNB)-cryptowalletsupport

Binance Coin or BNB  – $2.4bn


Ethereum – $19.4bn

Bitcoin-cryptowallet support

Bitcoin SV or BSV – $3.4bn

Tezos or XTZ-cryptowalletsupport

Tezos or XTZ – $1.5bn


XRP – $8.22bn

Litecoin (LTC)-cryptowalletsupport

Litecoin or LTC – $2.6bn

160 more crypto wallet supported…

Tether (USDT) –Cryptowalletsupport

Tether (USDT) – $6.4bn

EOS -cryptowalletsupport

EOS – $2.4bn

These are some of the World’s top rated crypto currencies as per their market values in the transaction happening throughout the world. Depending on the type of the crypto-currency the type of the wallet and its functionality may differ.

BTC or Bitcoin Wallet

While talking about the different crypto currency transactions, Bitcoin seems to be offering the top value across the global market. As we can see, Bitcoin or BTC has a whopping value of $128bn in the global market. So having some specific wallets dealing in bitcoin crypto currency is highly required.

BTC wallet is a program in which Bitcoins are saved. But, technically, Bitcoins are not saved anywhere. For each and every Bitcoin wallet user, there is a Private Key or Security Number corresponding to the Bitcoin address of that particular wallet. Basically, the BTC wallet expedites the forwarding and getting of Bitcoins and provides the ownership of the Bitcoin balance to the user. Usually, the Bitcoin wallet appears in different forms. The main forms include Mobile Bitcoin, Desktop Bitcoin, Hardware Bitcoins, and Web Bitcoin.

desktop wallet01

Desktop Wallet

Desktop wallets are installed on a computer and give the users complete control over the wallet. Often, Desktop Wallets work as an address for the user that helps them in order to send or receive Bitcoins. It also enables the users in order to store a private key. Some of the major desktop wallets include Electrum, Bitcoin Core, Armory, MultiBit, and Hive OSX.

Mobile Wallets: 

Generally, Mobile Wallets works the same functions as the desktop wallet. Hive Android, Bitcoin Wallet, Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet are some of the major examples of the Mobile Wallet. Bitcoin wallets are completely compatible with any iOS or Android devices. There is a compelling malware posing as Bitcoin Wallets, therefore, it is recommended you to make proper research before choosing which one to use.

mobile wallet
desktop wallet

Hardware Wallets: 

Hardware wallets are considered as the Best Bitcoin wallet since it stores Bitcoins on physical equipment which is often connected to a device through the USB port. Practically, they are immune to malicious interference as they are not connected to the internet and only a few certain instances of Bitcoin heists have been reported. These devices are not free, the cost mainly varies from $150 to $200.

Web Wallets

Web wallets provide access to Bitcoin generally from anywhere, any device or from any browser. The selection of the web wallet should be done carefully as it saves your secret online number. Blockchain and Coin base are the most well-known Web Wallet options available in the market.

For further details regarding any type of the crypto currency wallet, you can directly come in contact with Crypto currency Customer support.

web wallet

Prominent Things that should Come in Consideration Regarding the Wallet Security

Keeping the Bitcoin Wallet safe is pretty important since Bitcoin Wallets are mostly connected to the internet. So, keeping it safe from any kind phishing or from theft is highly required. If we can take a look at some of the incidents across the globe such as Malware Stealing or Ransomware, in most of the cases the issue was with the online application as they are highly accessible by the hackers. 

Some of the prominent safety guards involve encoding the wallet along with a strong security key and selecting a cold storage option which is saving the Bitcoins offline. This is also recommended to back up the device as well as the mobile wallet frequently, therefore internal glitches can erase automatically. Two-step authentication is another good option that the users can take into account while thinking about the security of their bitcoins.

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Safest Crypto Wallet

1. Electrum

Electrum, it is the most earliest wallets feasible to the Bitcoin users. Here, users will be able to make their own wallet by  using a seed that consists of 12 to 24 words. It provides a strength to the private key so that it is quite difficult to crack.

Basically, the seed phrase is a recovery utility: forget the login credentials and the seed phrase is the one and only thing that will bring the wallet back. In most cases, the security key encryption type is AES-256-CBC.

Furthermore, Electrum has multi-signature support, multi-signature support, support for two-factor authentication (2FA), as well as support for USB drive installation and offline cold storage.

Electrum Wallet Support
Jaxx CrywalletSupport


While dealing in crypto currencies, Jaxx is one of the safest crypto wallets nowadays. If we talk about the upsides of Jaxx, it can be used in transactions of different crypto currencies running across the globe. It deals in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum classic, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, Dogecoin and many other crypto currencies. So, it has been one of the greatest advantages of using Jaxx. Now, what about the security? Jaxx provides one of the most efficient of security while serving their customers. Jaxx uses a 12 seed word to create the private key encryption for the account you are using that consists of strong encryption of 128-bit. Apart from that, Jaxx also takes care of the user’s privacy as well. It doesn’t store any kind of user information, private wallet data or information related to any fund or fund transfer on their centralized server. All the information only remains at the user’s end on their device. 

3. Mycelium

Untill now we have already learned that Bitcoin or  BTC is the highest grossing crypto currency currently being used across the  globe. So, while a user only seems to transact or save their digital wealth in Bitcoin, Mycelium can be the best option anyone  can opt to.

Mycelium is the best application available out there for the Android users. It is an award winning application that has served independently on Bitcoin only. It has some of the distinct advantages over other applications that makes it one of the stand-out performers among all the best crypto currency wallets


The first and foremost is that it’s an open source application which makes it easier for  the user to access and being an open source application, any user can look into  its source code for any bug, vulnerabilities and improvements if they want to make it. It also has a number of  security options including cold storage functions, controlling the account over private  encryption keys and PINs  to secure the application as well. The user may also use this application for  multiple account management which is a big plus point.  

It also helps in while you are backing up your account. Mycelium has a centralized master-seed option that helps you backup all your accounts at the same time by not doing it one after another. So, backing up for your accounts just takes one step only with Mycelium.


4. GreenBits

GreenBits is another option for the Bitcoins users out there to use. As Mycelium packs a punch with its full one features pack, GreenBits seems to work on their minimalist approach only. But as it may seem it’s rather much more secure than any other Bitcoin wallets out there. GreenBits uses a  24-word seed  that makes the wallet encryption 256-bit in strength. It also supports the 2FA feature, which means multiple numbers of signatures are acceptable here. Greenbits  also  uses a proxy in their application server so it’s much more secure than the other application servers out  there in the market which also makes it the topmost Bitcoin wallet application having the security measures. 

Last but not the  least, GreenBits has a unique safeguard protocol. For the first time if you are setting up the application, you will be  prompted to create a PIN. Everytime you log in to the application you will be  prompted to the screen where you have to give the PIN in order to open the application. If the user prompts the wrong PIN three times,  the application will automatically delete your encryption key. Which leaves the user with only an option to secure the account by recovering with the 24-hours mnemonic. 

4. Blockchain

Blockchain is another application dealing mostly in Bitcoin and Ethereum along with some of  the other crypto currencies. Blockchain wallet has a very interesting recovery procedure to its  arsenal. It  uses a 12 word phrase for its recovery that the user can set up while starting up the application for the very first time. Nevertheless, unlike any other cryptocurrency wallet, the private  encryption key for this application gets saved to the native file system on its storage you  are using. This also makes a huge advantage for the user as the encryption key remains at the user’s possession for backing it up at any time they want.

Trezor Wallet crptowalletsupport

5. Trezor

Trezor is one of the hardware crypto currency wallets running in the market. Being a hardware crypto currency wallet, it already has an advantage over the other applications as it works as a cold storage which is its basic feature. So while transacting the crypto currencies, using the trezor interface, the device must be connected with the cold storage of Trezor. While talking about the encryption level of Trezor, it has both 12-word and 24-word seed that helps the security to have either 128-bit or 256-bit, any of the options the user wishes to use. So,Trezor can help you to store your wealth in crypto currency  until it’s attacked by any external or physical attacks.

4. Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is one of the other cold storage type wallets that can be used in dealing with crypto currency. This wallet provides a distinct 24-word phrase recovery for the application. As the wallet itself is a cold storage user may use it to transfer their digital wealth from one system to another system with ease. In case if you face any situation where you need to recover the application, you may provide the 24-word phrase then set up a PIN again for the application itself. Ledger Nano X also helps you secure the currency from any malware attack from any other device cryptographically you are connecting. It has a dual microchips that helps you in securing the cold storage from type of device malware or virus.Till now, we were taking a brief look at some of the safest applications that you can use for the transaction in crypto currency.

Ledger -Crywalletsupport

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Trade  Bitcoin

Generally, Trade Bitcoin refers to the process that involves buying and selling the Bitcoins. In order to break it down, purchasing Bitcoin at a reasonable price means that users have to pay the minimum amount of money for a high amount of Bitcoin. And Selling Bitcoins at a high rate defines that users will be able to get a high amount of fiat currency for the low amount of Bitcoin.

Crypto Currency Market: Downsides & Issues

While talking about the crypto currency and its usage, we should also consider some of its downsites along with  advantages. So, it is always better to know about the risks or or down sites that you may face while using any kind of crypto currency. Now, let’s go and have a look at some  of the issues that you may face in this digitized way of organized wealth.

1. Price manipulation

One of the major and by far the biggest issue that the crypto currency market can face is price  manipulation. Depending on the type of crypto currency that the users are using, prices may go high and low within a mere amount of time. The major issue regarding this price  manipulation happens basically with the “Whales” in the market of crypto currency. “Whales” are basically the biggest contributors to the crypto currency market. So once if the price manipulation happens from their side, there can be a subjugated amount of change that can be seen in the crypto currency market. Due to this other small contributors are affected as well as which is a big issue that the crypto currency market faces most of the time.

In case if you are into any crypto currency market and have been facing any such similar issues and want to have some consultation, you may contact our Crypto currency Customer support for any queries.

2. Pump and Dump ICO Schemes

Pump and Dump ICO scheme is one of the most intriguing issues that may happen most of the cases while you are into the crypto currency market. ICOs are mainly introduced to sell tokens to the users in exchange of fiat money. This becomes an issue for the investors as there aren’t any specific rules or regulations in the crypto currency market. The investors behind the token speculate massively on the coin, which attracts other investors by increasing the value. But once the ICOs are cashed out that leaves the investors with worthless coins which can be pretty frustrating.

If you ever bump into any similar kind of issue and want to know about the possibilities that it may cause that better contact our Crypto currency Customer support for further queries.

3. Blockchain Issues

Blockchain is one of the largest ways to proceed through the crypto currency market. Along with Bitcoin, it is also a type of term in crypto currency that can make some large scale changes in the crypto currency market. While using the blockchain we should always consider some of the Blockchain Issues that you might face. 

Blockchain is the biggest source from a crypto currency market that can face illegal trading and hacking as well. We have already seen some of the examples in the incident of the silk route where blockchain being used for the illicit transaction that was being operated from 2011 to 2013.  Blockchain also has a huge amount  of hack susceptibility along with the central bank concerns dealing in crypto currency.  So, users using this part should always be careful while using it.

In case you are facing any Blockchain issue and want to have some better advice, feel free to contact us as at our Crypto currency Customer support. 

4. Final Recommendation

Hope, now you are well aware of all the facts that are related to the Crypto Currency. If you still have further queries, you may ask Crypto currency Customer support. They will help you to clear your doubts. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is BitCoin?

Bitcoin is one type of crypto currency. Balances of Bitcoins are kept by using the private and public keys, that are long  strings of letters and numbers, through the mathematical encryption algorithm which was utilized to create them. The public key serves as the address that is presented to the globe and to which other might forward bitcoins. The private key is defined to be a guarded secret and only utilized to recognize Bitcoin transmissions. 

Therefore, the Bitcoins shouldn’t be disturbed with Bitcoin Wallet, that is a digital or physical device which facilitates the trading of Bitcoins and enables the users in order to track ownership of all coins.

How do I Withdraw Money from my Crypto Wallet?

Here are the obvious instructions that should be followed in order to withdraw money from the Crypto wallet.

  • Launch the Bitcoin Wallet: Initially, you need to invoke the Bitcoin account from your account.
  • Select the Prefered Withdrawal Account: After launching the Bitcoins account, look for the Bitcoins and check the balance. After that, you need to decide how much you need  to cash out or withdraw.
  • Choose Transaction & Confirm: Now, confirm the transaction with your Bitcoin security key.
  • That’s all! These are the simple steps that you need to follow to withdraw the money from the Crypto wallet.
How do I Cash Out my Coinbase Wallet?

These are the most important steps that need to be followed in order to cash out from the Coinbase wallet.

  • Primarily, navigate to the Portfolio page and look for the USD Wallet option.
  • Once the option is located, simply tap on it and proceed to tap on the option named “Withdraw”.
  • Afterwards, be sure to choose bank wise for the “To Field”
  • Here, you need to confirm the amount by tapping on the “Ok” button and hit the “Withdraw” button to cash out from the Coinbase Wallet.
How can I Get my Money Back from Bitcoin?

Sell bitcoin on a crypto currency exchange like Krakenn or Coinbase. It is one of the simplest ways if a user wants to sell bitcoin or withdraw the resulting money directly to their account. In order to be sure brokers don’t break the money laundering laws, users will be required to withdraw to the same bank account in which they deposited with. For the United States, the approximate time for reaching the money to the account is about 5 to 6 days, but it often varies depending on the country. 

Initially, you need to sign up and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the verification process. Afterwards, deposit the bitcoins into the account. Finally, cash out the bitcoins via paypal or bank transfer.

How long does it take to mine one bitcoin?

As per the recent analysis, a user will be able to get 0.00000629 BTC per day. That means it would take approximately 435 years to mine one bitcoin.

How Much is One Bitcoin in USD?

Basically, one bitcoin is equal to 11,215.00 United States Dollar (USB).

How to sell bitcoin?

In order to sell the bitcoins, simply go to the “Buy/Sell” section that is located on the top menu. Afterwards, select the Bitcoins according to your preferable currency and be sure that an accurate destination is chosen for your funds in the “Deposit To Section”. Well, if you have a bank account that is connected to the account, then you can easily make the direct transfer and sell the bitcoins.

How to cash out a bitcoin?

In order to cash out the bitcoin, users are required to log in to their account on the Bitcoin ATM and then choose the “Withdraw Cash” button. Now, enter the amount of the money users need to withdraw, and forward Bitcoin to the wallet address QR code indicated. When the transaction is accepted on the blockchain network, users will be able to collect the cash. The entire process generally happens within 30 minutes.

How can I Buy bitcoin without ID verification?

The most simple way to buy Bitcoin anonymously is by cash utilizing the Bitcoin ATMs across all over the globe. Users do not require any kind of verification to buy a Bitcoin Wallet. In fact, users can use Mobile app or software, make paper wallets, or buy any kind of hardware such as Ledger Nano.

How Long does a Bitcoin Transaction Take?

In most cases, the Bitcoin transactions will be approved within 10 minutes and over a day later. The most prominent influences on the approved time are  the activity on the network and the number of transaction fees.